Identifying Talent & Assembling a High-Performing Team

Discover how to find diamonds in the rough and ultimately select the right people for your organization.
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What’s Included

Six Scenario-Based Lessons

Read and listen to six stories about Needing Mavericks, Prioritizing Peer Reviews, Searching for Steady 7s, and more.

Extended Interview with Rorke

Watch Rorke Denver and author Phil White discuss the topics surrounding this subject. 

Core Principles

Discover Rorke’s key principles that you can apply today to your organization. 

Takeaways and Next Steps

Learn ways you can take action on the course material with best practices, advice, and more.
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Rorke Denver

Navy SEAL Commander. Speaker. New York Times Bestselling Author. Entrepreneur. Husband. Father.
After retiring as an elite Navy SEAL, Rorke founded Ever Onward, a cutting-edge training company that takes Navy SEAL principles and applies them to civilian life.

Valuable Content

I’m actively looking for ways to incorporate the information I learned in this course into my stores’ daily routines.    

Stacy C.
Retail Manager


Superior Mindset

I'm in the early stages of my career, and hearing Rorke’s take on how to approach problems is invaluable.

Cole C.
Business Development Lead


Just Right

The tone Rorke sets in this class is spot on. It’s fun to listen to his adventures, but I’m also able to apply them to my job.

Colin E.