Developing Individual Skills & Performance

Discover a better way to get more from each and every person on your team.
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What’s Included

Six Scenario-Based Lessons

Read and listen to six stories about Looking for Full-Timers, Not Ducking Boats, Winning Pays, Going to the Moon, and more.

Extended Interview with Rorke

Watch Rorke Denver and author Phil White discuss the topics surrounding this subject. 

Core Principles

Discover Rorke’s key principles that you can apply today to your organization. 

Takeaways and Next Steps

Learn ways you can take action on the course material with best practices, advice, and more.
Developing Individual Skills & Performance course
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Rorke Denver

Navy SEAL Commander. Speaker. New York Times Bestselling Author. Entrepreneur. Husband. Father.
After retiring as an elite Navy SEAL, Rorke founded Ever Onward, a cutting-edge training company that takes Navy SEAL principles and applies them to civilian life.


We actually build space equipment, but managing performance is my No. 1 task. The Moon story hit the mark.

Matt M.
Engineering Manager


Love the Stories

How can I help my team to care more and do the little things? The lessons here are a great place to start.

Chris C.
Content Marketing Director


Clearly Delivered

This is really valuable content for teaching people how to succeed by helping them develop the right mindset first.

Carrie J.