Ever Onward Academy

Develop the enduring skills and approach you need to prosper in any situation with online, scenario-based courses from Rorke Denver.

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Learn by Example

Whatever your arena—home office or corner office, boardroom or classroom, sports field or research field—online, scenario-based courses from Ever Onward deliver the information you need to perform under pressure while overcoming any challenges or setbacks that come your way.

Each lesson starts with real-world experiences that former Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver recounts in a unique, compelling, and entertaining way that only he can. Takeaways, activities, and additional content drive home his modern approach to leadership, problem-solving, and team building.

Unique. Practical.
Modern. Enduring.

Compelling Stories

Gain insight from incredible, real-world scenarios. 

Proven Approach

Discover lessons forged under extreme pressure.

Engaging Content

Read, watch, and listen to valuable information.

Our Courses


Team Building

Get three courses in one discounted bundle, plus extra content.
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Great Storyteller

I really liked the format of this course. Rorke’s stories make it easy to take away lessons and stay engaged in the content.     

Beau W.

Marketing VP


Modern Insights

Like many small businesses, we’re facing unique challenges more often than ever, and this course just makes sense.

Susana B.

Small Business Owner


Born Leader

The team building course was great and learning lessons from someone like Rorke makes quite an impression.

Brett Y. 



Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

What is your course format?

Every course starts with an engaging, podcast-style video interview about the topic with Rorke Denver. In these interviews, you’ll discover unique and entertaining insights that you can easily apply to your daily routines.

Each course then offers a series of scenario-based lessons that you can read and listen to—complete with thoughtful takeaways.

At the end of each course, we outline some best practices and leave you with an exercise or guide to help you better apply the lessons you learned.

Why Ever Onward Academy?

I had a strong desire to serve my country and was given one-of-a-kind training to protect it. As I’ve entered civilian life, I don’t see why only a few should have this knowledge. I’ve distilled Navy SEAL training and other life lessons down to make them applicable to your workplace and marketplace.

Do I need previous experience?

The courses and principles Rorke outlines are designed for everyone—students, young professionals, executives, blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, individual contributors, team leaders, coaches, athletes, and more.

How are courses organized?

We offer individual courses, which you can purchase one at a time. Every course also is part of a bigger concept, for example, Team Building, which you can purchase as part of a discounted bundle. When you purchase a bundle, you also get access to bonus material.

When can I start?

You can sign up and access the online course material anytime, anywhere. Courses start within a matter of seconds after enrolling.